Not Just For the Nerds: The Massive Benefits of Table top RPGs

Not Just For the Nerds: The Massive Benefits of Table top RPGs

The concept of tabletop RPGs is something that countless people have enjoyed thr...
The Group Built Around a Demon: Should Bang Be Removed from SKT?

The Group Built Around a Demon: Should Bang Be Removed from SKT?

With the recent League of Legends World Tournament wrapping up, the gaming commu...
A Newbie’s Look into eSports: Your Computer Game Can Earn You Millions!

A Newbie’s Look into eSports: Your Computer Game Can Earn You Millions!

The whole concept of eSports has really taken off in the recent years. Today, we...

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Not Just For the Nerds: The Massive Benefits of Table top RPGs

Not Just For the Nerds: The Massive Benefits of Table top RPGs


The concept of tabletop RPGs is something that countless people have enjoyed through the decades. It is only lately that the benefits are truly explored. Today, AirPlay will explore the massive benefits!


What is a Tabletop RPG?

A tabletop RPG in the most basic definition is a role playing game that is played over the surface of a table. Normally, there is a storyteller or game master (GM) and several players. The rules and the world wherein the game is played based off core books.

For example in Dungeon and Dragons, there are specific rules regarding the characters and the classes that are available to choose from. It is entirely up to the GM on where the story takes places, what scenarios are faced by the characters, and what sort of monsters or rewards they can see.

It is entirely a unique world and no two campaigns are the same—unless the GM has a specific script that they stick to for every single game. If you are faced with such a thing, it would be best for you and your party members to find a different GM.

Tabletop RPGs have had a long history and have been represented quite well through our multimedia. In more recent years, most readers will remember the kids from Stranger Things who were playing D&D at the start of the series. The main monster of the first season was also an actual monster from the Dungeons and Dragons franchise.  This only goes to show that many of those that are presently writers, producers, and directors of films and TV all embraced tabletop RPGs in their youth.


What Benefits Are There?

Like with most gaming systems, there are a lot of things that players can pick up from it. Here are some of the massive benefits:



Creativity - Not Just For the Nerds: The Massive Benefits of Table top RPGs

When you enter into the world of tabletop role playing, you basically shed who you are in your daily life. You get to explore a whole different world and you get to be a whole different person (or race). From a personal standpoint, it was a rather curious experience.

It takes a lot of courage to be able to bring a whole different person to life. It could be a person that is completely different from what you are in real life. For example, a shy person in real life can choose to act out a character that is vivacious or extremely outgoing. The reverse is also true. In essence, each person has to dig deep and unleash any sleeping creative maestros lingering underneath the skin.

In a tabletop RPG, you are completely responsible for who your character is. You decide the race, height, disposition, job, class, and so many other things. Most importantly, you will be entirely responsible for the background of your character. What life have they led so far? Why are they on this journey? What goal do they want to attain?

These and so many more need to be filled out and acted out as the story progresses. As such, there is a LOT of opportunity for the players to get comfortable with getting into character.



Sociability - Not Just For the Nerds: The Massive Benefits of Table top RPGs

A tabletop RPG is not a game of a single individual. It takes a team to make the whole gaming experience come to life. While it is normally advised to play with people that you already know, tabletop games are a great way to expand your social circle.

In our experience, friends often invite their friends to experience the benefits of tabletop gaming. Complete strangers can meet each other and forge bonds that stand the test of time. One of our writers started an RPG group back when he was 17. He’s recently turned 34 and still gets to play tabletop RPGs with the friends that he made over 2 decades ago. He’s even about to marry one of his long-time players next year.

Tabletop RPGs are a great way to practice interacting with people in ways that you normally do not get to. After all, what experiences in life can prepare you for trying to talk down a poison-breath dragon born from killing all the hostages? Playing tabletop RPGs is a fast way to get to know a person without getting bogged down by the trivial social niceties that are usually expected.


Critical Thinking Development

Critical Thinking Development - Not Just For the Nerds: The Massive Benefits of Table top RPGs

If your GM is a particularly crafty one, you will find yourselves facing rather tricky scenarios. One moment you might think you are just in a regular dungeon only to realize a cult is in residence. You can try to wipe out the cult only to realize that the leader is one of the heads of the strongest political family in the region.

You will end up trying to ascertain if there are diplomatic ways to get out or how to survive through the consequences of the actions of a party member. Your critical thinking skills will be tested time and time again when you play tabletop RPGs.


It’s a Great Escape

Its a Great Escape - Not Just For the Nerds: The Massive Benefits of Table top RPGs

Role playing has always been a great form of escape for many. Tabletop RPGs are a great way to disconnect from your daily grind. Instead of thinking about your next pressing deadline, you can immerse yourself in a whole different world with different expectations and aspirations.

Role playing can help you find out who you actually are. The game can help you peel back the layers of your preferences and personality.


In Closing

There are a lot of benefits that you can reap from tabletop role playing games. The ones we listed above are only some of them. Personally, some of us tried to play several tabletop RPGs only recently. Some of us played Pathfinder while the others played a variation of Dungeons and Dragons.

It was all quite the experience. It is one thing to write about it and another thing to read about it then it’s a whole different world to actually do it yourself. We got to experience some of the benefits listed above and we certainly look forward to reaping more in the months to come!



The Group Built Around a Demon: Should Bang Be Removed from SKT?

The Group Built Around a Demon: Should Bang Be Removed from SKT?


With the recent League of Legends World Tournament wrapping up, the gaming community is still in shock. Today, AirPlay will be putting our analysis on and discussing the fate of SKT’s Bang.

Who is SKT Bang?

SKT stands for SK Telecom, a communications company from South Korea. While just being any sort of telecom should not really be a reason why the name is famous, it is their venture into the world of eSports that has made them into a gaming household name.

SK Group, a massive conglomerate in South Korea. They sponsored an eSports team in the League of Legends MOBA and effectively introduced the gaming scene to the best player in the world: SKT Faker. The team of SKT is known to be the best team with their previous three-peat back to back world championships and many other mid-seasonal tournaments. One of the members of SKT has the name handle of ‘Bang’.

His actual name is Bae Jun-sik. He was not always a member of SKT. He started out in other teams and eventually became part of SKT in 2014. He has always played the role of AD Carry.

What is an AD Carry?

In a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, two teams of 5 players each fight to destroy each other’s towers and cores. In League of Legends or LoL, there are a massive pool of heroes with their own abilities and specialties. Different heroes have different roles.

In each team, each player will have a role: Top, Mid, ADR, Support, and Jungler. AD stands for “attack damage” or the physical attacks that a hero can do without using a hero’s ability. If you are wondering what the ‘carry’ part of AD Carry stands for, this refers to the general design. The characters that are made to be AD Carries are those that have really low health points (HP) at the start of the fight.

As the game goes on, their ability gets so strong that they carry their team to absolute victory. The AD Carry of the team is supposed to be able to kill enemies and smash towers with efficiency. This is what is expected of them. This is what was expected of SKT Bang.

2017 Worlds Struggle

Just this month, the annual League of Legends World Championships was held in Beijing, China. The clear favorites were last year’s champion: SKT. Their first fight in the seeded category was against the team named Misfits.

Misfits were generally comprised of Western players and were not really a particular favorite in terms of performance. At the start of the game, commentators and audiences alike were all proclaiming an easy win for SKT. Most bets were even showing figures of 3 wins and 0 loses for SKT.

Even the gamers behind this website honestly thought that to be the end result. However, after a strong first game by SKT, it seemed that they were not able to capitalize on this and lost 2 games. This pushed the fight to a Game 4 with Misfits needing only one more win in order to proceed to the semi-finals. It was clear that there were several misplays from Bang. Instead of focusing on keeping the bottom lane occupied, the enemy bottom lane heroes at bay, and the bottom towers destroyed, Bang kept on switching from one lane to another.

This kept his co-bottom lane player and their bottom towers vulnerable to attack. This was something that Misfits had capitalized upon time and time again. When everything seemed to have been bleak, SKT Faker once again showed tense audiences everywhere as to why he was the “Un-killable Demon King”. It was due to Faker’s performance that SKT was able to bounce back and secure their spot for the semifinals.

From that point, it was kind of clear that SKT Bang was kind of off his game. The many followers of the team were very vocal about their displeasure at Bang’s performance. It would have been great if Bang had recovered from this in their semi-finals fight against Team RNG but it was more of the same. So it was becoming clear that even with Faker’s stellar performance, he was not getting the support that he needed.

While SKT won their semifinals and went on to the finals, it was no longer clear that they would be emerging as the winners. However, as SKT and Samsung Galaxy had fought head to head before with SKT as the final winner, fans of SKT still hoped that they would once again be the winners. In a surprising and wholly shocking twist, they did not. Instead, they suffered a massive 3 losses and 0 wins.

Blame on Bang

The audiences all over the world were quick to express that Bang had given away Game 2 and 3 with his surprisingly amateurish performance. Faker was not able to perform at his peak as he was busy trying to patch up the lapses in their team defense.

While there was discussion on how Bang was not the only under performing member that day, it was Bang that was on the receiving end of most of the criticism.

In Closing

Looking at all the facts, SKT Bang seriously needs to reevaluate the heroes that he picks along with what his actual role should be in the team. Basing it off the fights that SKT have had versus the Misfits and Samsung Galaxy, Bang seriously needs to be reacquainted with what he should be doing when the game is going.

There is only so much that Faker will be able to do by himself. From Faker’s crushed appearance after their excruciating loss against Samsung Galaxy, it was clear that the other members of his team needed to pull their weight.

In light of everything we have witnessed, we believe that ‘Bang’ is a veteran in the world of eSports and should be given another chance.  His experience and time in the field cannot be replicated. As such, it is critical that Bang be given retraining and it’s not just him. The rest of SKT needs to find their groove once again.


4 Quick Answers to “Why is Stephen Curry so Darn Popular?”

4 Quick Answers to “Why is Stephen Curry so Darn Popular?”


In the land of basketball, certain names wield a certain amount of power. Stephen Curry became an overnight household name of sorts. Today, we take a look at why he became so darn popular.


Just who is Stephen Curry?

Steph Curry just seems to down to Earth - 4 Quick Answers to “Why is Stephen Curry so Darn Popular?”
For anyone who loves basketball, the name will automatically ring a bell. For those who do not follow basketball, there is still a huge chance of recognizing the name because of brand marketing and product ads on both TV and online.

His real name is Wardell Stephen Curry II. He was born on the 14th of March in the year 1988. Stephen Curry is a “legacy” in the sense that his father was also an NBA player. His mother is also an athlete as she was a volleyball player that had a rather successful career.

While you can say that his talent was in his blood, he worked hard at what he has accomplished with the help of his dedicated mother. She was the one who is primarily credited with putting in the necessary discipline that benefited any budding athlete. As an NBA player, Curry’s father travelled a lot but this did not hamper him from developing a healthy relationship.

Curry’s performance as an athlete was already quite exceptional when he was still in school. When Curry attended Davidson College, he was already showing that he had the chops to play professionally like his father once did. Eventually, he was signed up by the Golden State Warriors.

For those that do follow Curry’s basketball career, they will tell you that Curry has managed to achieve something that not even Michael Jordan has done. Curry has managed to be unanimously voted as MVP (Most Valuable Player) in the NBA. Now what we have given a bit of insight on just who Stephen Curry is, let’s get started on the reasons why he is so popular!


Just WHY is Steph Curry so Popular?

There are very real performance related issues as to why he is popular but we will be taking a different angle on why Steph is just so famous. Here are four quick answers that we have come up with:


Steph Curry just seems to down to Earth

Steph Curry just seems to down to Earth - 4 Quick Answers to “Why is Stephen Curry so Darn Popular?”

One of the reasons why people often look up to athletes is because they seem quite above the rest of us. Professional athletes are often regarded as entities that are beyond the reach of normal everyday citizens. They way that they spend their time and their money is usually something most people cannot hope to attain.

As a consequence, the athletes are often perceived as untouchable and just ‘not like the rest of us’. However, Steph Curry is different from the usual mold of celebrity athletes that the world has seen. With the advent of social media, people are now able to have a peek into the everyday life of athletes and celebrities.

From this insight into Stephen Curry’s life, he appears to be a very down to Earth individual. No excessive purchases, a steady relationship with his wife, and a healthy relationship with his children. He appears to be the type of person that anyone could be friends with. This appeal helps to generate interest in Stephen Curry the person and not just Stephen Curry the athlete.


Stephen Curry carried the Underdog tag

Stephen Curry carried the Underdog tag - 4 Quick Answers to “Why is Stephen Curry so Darn Popular?”
Everyone in the world loves an underdog tale. There is a very good reason why movies like Rocky or IP Man have a massive following the world over. Seeing the relative unknown but wholly talented newbie join a field wherein established (and not particularly liked) champions reign can be something that anyone can relate with.

At any point in our lives, we have all once felt relative newbies in our chosen career paths. Triumphing over adversity is always something that people have gravitated toward. Stephen Curry with his physically unassuming state did not exactly inspire fear in the heart of his opponents. Yet once he started shooting, it was clear that he was a giant among giants. His ability to overcome staggering odds resonated well with fans and non-fans alike.


Stephen Curry’s personal branding is organic

Stephen Currys personal branding is organic - 4 Quick Answers to “Why is Stephen Curry so Darn Popular?”

Most of what we know about Stephen Curry is information obtained from his wife and their YouTube page. Using that platform, Curry and his wife share bits and pieces of their lives, along with their advocacies!

They also make use of other social media platforms to express which causes they believe in and what charities they support. It goes against the grain of carefully sculpted press releases and damage control press conferences that we have been used to. Curry’s advocacies are directly primarily toward the youth and he emphasizes how important it is for young boys to have positive role models.

From everything we have seen from this person, Curry espouses all his ideals in his everyday life. Making his brand one that is fully organic and admirable. In a world where it is becoming ‘acceptable’ to be uncouth, Curry is a refreshing break from the mold.


Stephen Curry loves his mama

Stephen Curry loves his mama - 4 Quick Answers to “Why is Stephen Curry so Darn Popular?”
In a modern world where it is considered to be fashionable to be completely independent, Stephen Curry once again swims against the stream. He has always made in plain that he has a long-standing contract with his mother about his performance.

Each time that he goes past three turnovers in a game, his mother fines him $100 with an additional 100 for each succeeding turnover. While this may seem quite silly to some, this shows the great respect that Curry holds for his mother. Not only does it keep him sharper in the games that he’s in it also serves as a good reminder for him that his mother is always keeping an eye on her son’s performances.


In Closing

Stephen Curry’s legend is still building itself. We now live in the time where we can watch history unfold before our very eyes. Steph’s appeal continues to grow and this is something that sports fans will continue to watch over in the coming years.

Are you a Steph Curry fan? What reasons do you have for liking or not liking him beyond his basketball performance? Let us know!



A Newbie’s Look into eSports: Your Computer Game Can Earn You Millions!

A Newbie’s Look into eSports: Your Computer Game Can Earn You Millions!


The whole concept of eSports has really taken off in the recent years. Today, we will be taking you deeper into the world of eSports and how a computer game can be the ticket to million. By millions, we literally mean earnings. But, first things first, right?


What is eSports?

What is eSports - A Newbie’s Look into eSports: Your Computer Game Can Earn You Millions!

This is pretty much a sport but on a digital platform. Computer games and video games are both the subjects of eSports. Basically any form of video game that has a multiplayer option counts as eSports. What started was a casual competition between a few personalities in the eighties and nineties has perfectly blossomed into what we know eSports is today.

Professional gamers get to marry the concepts of their love for playing and the capacity to earn—making it one of the best ways to earn a generous living beyond the usual 9 to 5 grind.


What specific genres are involved in eSports?

There are several types of genres that are currently bracketed under eSports. Here are some of them:


Real-Time Strategy (RTS)

Real Time Strategy - A Newbie’s Look into eSports: Your Computer Game Can Earn You Millions!
The concept of strategy games is not anything new. This refers to any game that will require strategy in order to gain the upper hand. Normally, players take turns in the game and try to outmaneuver each other. However, this is no longer the case in most RTS games.

Games like Warcraft and Starcraft by Blizzard have drastically changed the way real-time strategy games are played. If you are familiar with the game franchise of Command & Conquer and Red Alert, you will be very familiar with the concept of real-time strategy games.

These are the games that are played out on a map where specific places contain resources for harvesting which are used to power buildings and eventually the army that you will build to overwhelm your enemy. The strategies necessary to outwit or outplay the opponent requires significant timing and the result can be quite rewarding when an attack it planned and executed perfectly.

In an annual scale, there are tournaments for Warcraft and Starcraft II which often receive international attention and the beset players can walk away with $200,000 for a single tournament in the 90’s. Imagine what the prizes are now.

RTS also embraces games like Hearthstone. Hearthstone is a free to play online card game that was developed by Blizzard. Online card games would have been something that would have been ignored in the 80’s if it was not gambling. However, technology and society has grown enough to provide new room for newer games.


Fighting Games

Fighting Games - A Newbie’s Look into eSports: Your Computer Game Can Earn You Millions!
Whoever said that fighting games never made anyone richer is surely going to bite their tongue with this next genre! In the world of video games, the genre of fighting and arcade games often ruled every kid’s world. The games of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and even Tekken were a regular part of any gamer’s repertoire.

Every player has their own favorite character and play style. What were usually casual fights in home systems or arcades eventually grew into local, national, and international tournaments. These were large enough wherein the winners get not only massive bragging rights but the chance to walk away in 6-7 figure payouts for official games.

Mind you, there can be several official games in a year so you can do the math. What is lovely about the idea of ‘fighting’ games is that is had transcended the idea of just a bunch of characters trying to beat each other up. The genre has expanded enough to allow games like Mario Kart to be added into the mix.


First Person Shooters (FPS)

First Person Shooters - A Newbie’s Look into eSports: Your Computer Game Can Earn You Millions!
If you ask any serious gamer, they will tell you that once or twice they had an FPS phase in their lives. The first person shooter is normally focused on a player and their weapon. The view is from the first person point of view making it seem that the player is actually the one wielding the weapon and is in the map.

Old games like Doom set the foundation for the latter games that swept players off their feet. Newer games like Counter Strike, Half Life, and Call of Duty really propelled the popularity of the genre into dizzying heights.


Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena - A Newbie’s Look into eSports: Your Computer Game Can Earn You Millions!

If there was any genre that was the poster child for eSports, it would have to be this one. The two games that constantly try to vie for the number 1 spot would be Defense of the Ancients (DotA) and League of Legends (LoL).

Both games pit two teams against each other. Both teams have their own bases and “base cores” that they need to protect. Massive strategy is required to try to use each ‘hero’s’ ability to the benefit of their team—especially during team clashes.

Right now, it is the game of League of Legends that has a massive international presence. Around next month or so the Worlds Tournament will be kicking off in Beijing. The prize money for the winning team will be around $4.5 million to be split by 5 or 6 individuals depending on the team.

MOBA games are the most played games in internet cafes and PC gamers the world over. Not only is it a diverting hobby, if you get good enough, you can try out for sports teams. From there, you can have the chance to compete and even get massive sponsorship.


In Closing

The world of eSports is no longer something to scoff at or make fun of. It is now a wholly legitimate and completely thriving event with a massive following on both a national and international scale. Gone are the days wherein you can simply dismiss someone’s efforts in a computer game as wasting time.

Lives and careers are completely transformed in the world of eSports. With the different eSports listed above, which particular one would you be open to trying? Who knows, you just might be the best player in the world—you just don’t know it yet. The world of eSports is the new frontier for the brave!


Gamer Talk: 5 Great Reasons to Buy the PlayStation 4!

Gamer Talk: 5 Great Reasons to Buy the PlayStation 4!


The world of console gaming has enjoyed quite a successful run in the past few decades. Today, we will be looking at some of the very good reasons as to why you should be purchasing a PS4—all from the POV of gamers.

In the world of consoles, the PlayStation has been a part of many a gamer journey in growth and discovery. Many of us even had a first PlayStation as a part of our homes when it was launched in 1994. It opened a whole new world of gaming. While some may argue that the PS 4 (PlayStation 4) is not anything new, there are still some very, very great reasons on why you should get your hands on it.

Here are five of them:

It is super affordable

super affordable - Gamer Talk: 5 Great Reasons to Buy the PlayStation 4!
As the PS4 is not a brand new console, there are major discounts that are now attached to it. This does not mean that the console is substandard in any way. The mother company only wishes for the console to be more accessible for gamers of various economic standing.

A PS4 will now set you back around $325 but this will come with at least three games and several accessories. There is also a newer version of the PS4 that came out this year that is called the PS4 Pro. You may think that this is a bit pricey but for the performance and the titles, it is actually quite a steal. Also, if you compare it to the other consoles out in the market, you will find yourself facing quite the good deal with a PlayStation 4.

Access to old titles

Access to old titles - Gamer Talk: 5 Great Reasons to Buy the PlayStation 4!
One of the best things about the PlayStation is that they launched the PlayStation Network. It was on that platform that Sony made certain game titles available in digital format. Back in the day, the PS console’s memory was reliant on memory cards which saved the game progress of players.

The PS4 has variations that reach up to 500GB in memory. So whole games and their progress are now saved into the unit itself. If purchased on the PSN, the platform also marks a particular game a part of the player’s collection for good. Not only does it help with the clutter but it makes sure that no matter where you are, you can access your games.

A common issue for some gamers is that there are some games that they will want to play again but cannot due to their old consoles being broken or lost. There is also the issue of the game discs being scratched. The PlayStation Network removes that issue for happening again by making the games readily available and digital.

Remote play

Remote play - Gamer Talk: 5 Great Reasons to Buy the PlayStation 4!

With the advent of smartphones and tablets, the PS4 system rose to meet the tide and not shy away from it. The PlayStation 4 can be roused from its sleep mode through gadgets. If you have a Sony phone or even a PS Vita, you can utilize those in order to interact with the PS4 and even play games using those platforms.

Gone are the days where you have to be tied to a location to play with your game titles.

Console exclusives

Console exclusives - Gamer Talk: 5 Great Reasons to Buy the PlayStation 4!

As always, there are certain games that you will only be able to play with the PlayStation 4.  The big name console companies often like to work with specific gaming studios that they know will help to usher in better sales. While this is not exactly the best reason to choose a console, often the consumers do not really have a choice in the matter.

Gamers often have game titles that resonate with them. Gamers will often follow game titles as much as they can but if they do the eventual console jump, it is quite difficult to keep following it. PlayStation has always had a steady number of titles that have remained consistent through the years. The PS4 will still have several games that will be released exclusively for this console like:

  • Bloodborne
  • City Shrouded in Shadow
  • Combo Steel
  • Comet Crash 2
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Dark Rose Valkyrie
  • Days Gone
  • Death Stranding
  • Dissidia Final Fantasy NT
  • DJMax Respect
  • Fat Princess Adventures
  • Fist of the North Star
  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • God of War
  • Gran Turismo Sport
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 +2.5 Remix

This list is only some that we list off the top of our heads. For a more comprehensive list, visit your favorite gaming review website or Sony’s official website and you will get a full list of console exclusive games.

Hand friendly controllers

Hand friendly controllers - Gamer Talk: 5 Great Reasons to Buy the PlayStation 4!
Some of us made the big switch from PlayStation to Xbox a few years back—and most of them regretted it. The Xbox controllers were rather large in comparison to the standard PS controllers. It was also a massive readjustment as Xbox does not follow the square, triangle, circle, and x button design.

The colors were also completely different. This made any die-hard PS fan really miss the old controllers. It’s a good thing that while there was some modernization needed for the controllers, the Dual Shock 4 controllers were easier to hold and had the necessary buttons for really intense gaming experiences. They were also made tougher and came with their own recharge cables.

In Closing

In Closing - Gamer Talk: 5 Great Reasons to Buy the PlayStation 4!

When it comes to building your opinions regarding what you should be buying on the gaming front, it is always best to get the point of view of a gamer. Gamers will not hesitate to tell you the pros and the cons of a gaming system no matter what their personal preferences are.

We hope that the information that we have accumulated above will help you form your own opinion on why you should get your hands on the PlayStation 4. With Christmas coming up, there will be massive bundle options and major discounts available. When December rolls around, will you be getting one?

Fun Facts about the World of Sports You Won’t Believe Are True

Fun Facts about the World of Sports You Won’t Believe Are True


In the world we have now, information is readily accessible. The trouble is that there is SO much information that you may not know where to start exactly. Today, we will be discussing some fun facts about the world of sports that you may not believe are real.

We believe this is a great topic to have as we certainly learned new things. The simple act of learning something new goes a long way in helping people enrich themselves. Also, they can share the information that they find and end up enriching others as well. That’s what we are certainly hoping is going to happen with today’s discussion!

Michael Jordan’s flop in high school

In Emsley A. Laney High School, a young Michael Jordan was just like any other kid. If you do not count his height, that is. Beyond that, he was just like any other kid his age that loved basketball. Naturally, for someone of his inclination and height, he wanted to try out for his school’s varsity team.

If you base it off your knowledge of what Jordan has accomplished in his life now, it will come off as a jest that he was actually cut from his high school team. He was deemed to be ‘too short’ if you can believe it. He later on got to join the junior varsity team of his school.

Helmets, please!

When you think of the sport of Football and Hockey, you can imagine bone-crunching tackles and hits. People generally accept this as the players are always wearing the necessary safety gear like pads and helmets. However, it was not until 1976 that helmets were actually required to be part of an athlete’s gear.

It was Craig MacTavish who was the last person to play Hockey without a helmet. It is rather hard to imagine there being a time where the safety of athletes was not the utmost priority but at least we have that now, right?

“Steagles” were a thing

During the breakout of the Second World War, two major football teams combined into a single team. These teams were the Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers. This was necessary because a large chunk of both teams enlisted for the war.

The merger happened in 1943 and they were actually called the Steagles. The following year, the Steelers did another merger but this time it was with a different team. Specifically, it was the Chicago Cardinals. While that would have been interesting if they kept it going, as the war ended, all the teams had enough people without having to merge.

Red is a buff

The perception of human is greatly swayed by outside factors. In the world of sport, this is no different. A study that was made in 2008 proclaimed that the color red was usually correlated with strength. So sports teams that usually had the red uniform were always perceived to be stronger or faster.

They are normally received better as well. So if you find yourself cheering or being intimidated by a team that wears red, according to science, that is just human nature at work.

Basketball was born from Rugby

Not a lot of basketball fans realize that their beloved sport was created because of another pre-existing sport. Back when rugby was exploding in Europe, a rugby coach by the name of James Naismith was wondering how to keep his players in top shape.

Rugby is a sport that was played outdoors and during the winter months, they could not exactly go outside to play. This meant that there would be several months that the rugby players would not be doing anything. Naismith developed a new exercise for his players in order to keep them active in an indoor setting.

That exercise was basketball. It was a little funny that the first basketball was a rugby ball but basketball lovers all over the world owe their thanks to rugby.

Japan golfers are interested in your hole-in-one hits

This is particularly true if you are playing golf in Japan. There is a cultural norm that Japanese people and guests subscribe by when in comes to golf. If a golfer manages to land a hole-in-one, it is highly customary for the golfer to throw a party for his or her closest friends.

It does not really have to be anything large scale but it is expected to hand out gifts. As such, Japanese golfers are insured for the chance of a hole-in-one. Securing an insurance premium for a hole-in-one is not as expensive as you would pay for a car or health but the payout is still rather hefty.

Japanese insurance firms know how important it is to keep cultural norms alive and will help their clients with this.

All that glitters…is not gold?

Every four years, the best of the best in the world of athletics compete in the Olympics. For anyone who is a professional athlete, getting a gold medal is the highest honor. However, how much gold is actually in that ‘gold’ medal?

As it turns out, not much—at least, not since 1912. Most gold medals made after 1912 are actually a combination of sterling silver and a little bit of gold. Just a little less than 1.35%! Despite this miniscule amount, this does not deter athletes and countries from sending in their best to claim that achievement.

In Closing

Knowing more about the world of sports is a great way to develop understanding and appreciation for it. One thing that we have noticed about the world of sports is that there is so much emphasis on scores and who’s getting paid the most. There is less and less interest in little facts that add so much to the whole sporting culture.

Sport is one of humanity’s greatest achievements. It is something that allows us a peek into our past and a great look into our journey through the millennia. Were these facts as surprising to you as it was for us? Let us know!


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